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PDCA日記 / Diary Vol. 122「マスター・オブ・『アイ・ドント・ノウ』」/ "Master of 'I don't know'"

English follows Japanese.

PDCA日記 Vol. 122「マスター・オブ・『アイ・ドント・ノウ』」】























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ダークサイド・スキル 本当に戦えるリーダーになる7つの裏技

ダークサイド・スキル 本当に戦えるリーダーになる7つの裏技



P.S. そう言えば、有名なプロ野球の元監督は「地位が人を作る」と話していました :-)。




どのような局面でも、彼女は「『アイ・ドント・ノウ』を連発していたのだろうな」と感じながら、本書を読み終えました :-)。


<Mr. PDCAのボンジュール英語「無知の知 」=「I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance」>


今回のテーマである無知の知は、ソクラテスが唱えたものであると言われていますが、「私は自分が無知であるということ以外は何も知らない(I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance)」という彼の名台詞(?)を短く「無知の知」とまとめたと考えられています。


ちなみに、ソクラテスは著述をしておらず、弟子だったプラトンソクラテス語録を文章にして、後世に伝えています :-)。



PDCA (plan-do-check-action) Diary Vol. 122  "Master of 'I don't know'"】


Understanding and practicing the ignorance of knowledge introduced in the past PDCA diary may look simple, but in fact, implementing this principle is surprisingly difficult.


In case of myself, the career background is not from IT industry, so it is relatively easy to say that “I am originally from the financial industry and I do not know about it”.


On the other hand, it seems to be challenging to tell "I don't know" if you have long experience in the same industry.


The material to be introduced today "Dark Side Skills (Japanese only)" explains that the catchphrase as "7 tips to become a truly competing leader" as a catchphrase, but the contents are quite orthodox.


This book introduced Ms. Anne Mulcahy, the former chairman of Xerox, as a "Master of I don't know" and explains as follows.


"Ms. Mulcahy was in the field of Human Resources and she was not well versed in business management.


The first thing she did as COO in 2000 was the team up and fact finding.


In short, she completely understood what she did not know, therefore, she repeated mentioning that 'I don't know'.


She gathered people who were familiar with the fields of finance, R&D, product development, etc., and created a capable team and succeeded in turnaround." (Unquote)


In any organizations, there may be cases where new team leaders are suddenly appointed.


For those who became leaders unexpectedly, this book would be helpful and the following phrases should be noted.


"The right person is not coming to the right position, but the position brings up the person.


The true leader acknowledges his or her ignorance and that awareness will be able to create a good team with right people." (Unquote)


I remember Ms. Mulcahy, because she was a director of my former employer (bank) and she was featured in the media during the very challenging days of financial crisis.


Since she was an executive in New York, therefore, I did not know of her, but I finished reading this book by feeling nostalgic when I was a banker :-).


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