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PDCA日記 / Diary Vol. 123「かわいさと美しさの違い」/ "Difference between Cuteness & Beauty"

English follows Japanese.

PDCA日記 Vol. 123「かわいさと美しさの違い」】



若き日(?)のMr. PDCA にとって、『かわいげのある営業』とはどういうことか分かりませんでしたが、営業を続けていく内にあるお客様から「金融商品なんてどれも一緒だから、Mr. PDCA のところから買うよ」と言われました。

















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「かわいい」のちから 実験で探るその心理 (DOJIN選書)

「かわいい」のちから 実験で探るその心理 (DOJIN選書)










「天は人に二物を与えず」と言われますが、「天は人に二物を結構与えている」と思うMr. PDCAでした(フフフ、:-)。


< Mr. PDCAのボンジュール英語「天は人に二物を与えず = Heaven does not give two gifts」>

「天は人に二物を与えず」の英訳はいくつかありますが、「Heaven does not give two gifts」が英語圏以外の人には一番分かりやすいですね。


「この世には二物を与えられた人が何人かいます」と訳す場合は、「There are several  who were given two gifts」という感じでしょうか :-)。

PDCA (plan-do-check-action) Diary Vol. 123 "Difference between Cuteness & Beauty"】


My first job was to sell financial products for the wealthy people, and my first manager reiterates that "Mr. PDCA, customers need to think of you as a cute (very nice) banker".


One day, a very important customer mentioned that, "Mr. PDCA, I will buy the product from your bank, because financial products are basically the same in all banks".


When I heard this comment from the client, I could understand the intention of the first manager who said "Customers need to think of you (young Mr. PDCA) as a cute (very nice) banker".


The material to be introduced today, ''Power of Cuteness (Japanese only)'' explores the power of cuteness in experimental psychology, and the following phrases were impressive in the part "The Difference between Cuteness & Beauty” .

"Many people asked me that 'What is the difference between cuteness and beauty?'


A person who has a neat and clear face, people would consider as beautiful even if she is not smiling.


A beautiful face is a well-defined face and relates to the shape of an object.


On the other hand, the judgment of cuteness includes social relationships from the viewer (whether she is easy to talk or not).


When a beautiful person smiles, she also becomes cute." (Unquote)


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