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PDCA日記 / Diary Vol. 570「アウトプットを先に行う」/ "Output First"

English follows Japanese.

PDCA日記 Vol. 570「アウトプットを先に行う」】

先日、ある方が、「Mr. PDCAのように読んだ本の紹介をブログでしてみたいが、中々始められない」とコメントされていました。




















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P.S. アウトプットに慣れてくると、本の表題を見るだけで、ブログを書き出すこともできるようになってきます(これ本当)。












< Mr. PDCAのボンジュール英語「激変させる」=「change drastically」>


今回出てきた「激変させる」の英訳は、「change drastically」になります。


「仕事と人生を激変させるなら、99.9%アウトプットを先にしなさい」を英語にする場合、「You should start outputting 99.9% first if you would like to change work and life drastically」とすればよいですね😊。



PDCA (plan-do-check-action) Diary Vol. 570 "Output First"】


The other day, one person came to the PDCA cafe and she commented that "I would like to introduce books that I read like Mr. PDCA on a blog, but I can't get started."


I replied that "Why don't you read the table of contents first? If there are items that are likely to become blog titles, I recommend you to enter the title first."


This is a method of looking at the table of contents, entering in blog titles (output), and then you can start reading (input) from there.


This is a process that uses the "work excitement" which I introduced in the past PDCA diary, but the material introduced to be introduced today "99.9% output first if you want to change work and life drastically (Japanese only)" is mentioning the same thing.


This book reiterates “Output first, input later” and the following phrases were impressive in the part “Reading on the assumption of output”.


“Reading is like being in the virtual world, so it’s important to output in the real world, not just input.


If you want to read one book, it is effective to decide the output destination in advance.


For example, writing an Amazon review, writing a synopsis in a diary, writing an idea, creating a to-do list, writing what you came up with in a notepad, etc.


This alone will change the outcome of reading.” (Unquote)


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