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PDCA日記 / Diary Vol. 613「人が変わる唯一の方法は『遭遇』である」/ "The only way people can change is 'encounter'"

English follows Japanese.

PDCA日記 Vol. 613「人が変わる唯一の方法は『遭遇』である


皆様は、「セレンディピティ~恋人たちのニューヨーク~ 」という映画を観たことはあるでしょうか。




セレンディピティ~恋人たちのニューヨーク~ [DVD]








今回紹介する資料「イノベーターはあなたの中にいる: 創造的起業家に変わる体験のデザイン」は、「イノベーターとしての人格は誰の中にも存在する」をキャッチフレーズにしており、「人が変わる唯一の方法は『遭遇』である」部分の以下フレーズが印象的でした。


















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P.S. セレンディピティを掴むコツは、興味のあることに挑戦し続けることであると私は考えています。






 < Mr. PDCAのボンジュール英語「遭遇」 = 「encounter」>




「人が変わる唯一の方法は『遭遇』である」を英語にすると、「The only way people can change is 'encounter'」となりますね😊。




PDCA (plan-do-check-action) Diary Vol. 613 "Victory factors of the Russo-Japanese War"

The material introduced today "Innovators are in you: Designing an experience that transforms into a creative entrepreneur" has a catchphrase "Personality as an innovator exists in everyone" and is "the only one that changes people."


In this book, the following phrase were impressive in the part "The only way people can change is 'encounter'".


"The innovator's point of view and ability to act destroys the serious head of participants who tend to be bound by common sense and local shackles.


Innovators are people who have been ignored, ridiculed, criticized, and disturbed by society because of their pointed facts, but the strength, courage, tenacity, and struck strength to stand up from there many times. Gives participants courage.


At the same time, participants are often keenly aware of the difference in preparedness between the innovator and himself.


Innovators also seem to be shocked by the unusual urgency and speed of realizing their business, which shocks the relatively laid-back self-pacedism of the local people.


I think that the part of the innovator that the participants are shocked or influenced by is different, but in any case, it is a big difference between knowing from the book or root and directly encountering the real thing.


Participants are moved by direct contact with the values ​​of the innovator, the risks they take, their vision, the way they speak, and the energy they release from their bodies.


I think the only way people can change is 'encounter'". (Unquote)


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