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PDCA日記 / Diary Vol. 1,191「帝国データバンクの調査力」/ "Research power of Teikoku Databank"

English follows Japanese.

PDCA日記 Vol. 1,191帝国データバンクの調査力」】




















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P.S. 私は会社員時代もコンサルタント時代も、企業倒産に近い(?)場所で働いていました。








1. 側近が保身の体制になっている国

2. 法を万能とした国

3. 見栄を張っている国

4. 『力ずく』一点張りの国

5. 皇后がリードを始めた国

6. 問題のない国

7. 次のビジョンが明確でない国

8. 好き嫌いで人事が行われている国

9. 独裁にしてその自覚のない国

10. 後継者が定まらない国」(引用終わり)


私が面白いと感じたのは「6. 問題のない国」であり、「上に立つ者の度量」は以下のように説明しています。













<Mr. PDCAのボンジュール英語「調査」=「research」>




帝国データバンクの調査力」を英語にする場合、「Research power of Teikoku Databank」とすればよいですね😊。




PDCA (plan-do-check-action) Diary Vol. 1,191 "Research power of Teikoku Databank"】


The material introduced today "That company has been bankrupted in this way (Japanese only)" is an interesting research report written by the information department of Teikoku Databank.


The Teikoku Databank Information Department handles a lot of bankruptcy information, so in this book, various expressions are vivid and full of realism.


"Truth is stranger than fiction" and "There is an unimaginable drama behind the bankruptcy" are the catchphrases of this book, and it contains tips for business.


If you're working in the research department of a financial institution, be sure to read this material.


Since my first employer has disappeared, I've been trying to do business on the assumption that the company could go bankrupt since then.


Even after I started my own business, I couldn't get in touch with some business partners, and even if I sent an invoice, they didn't send money.


On average, Japanese people change jobs once in a lifetime, and it seems that the awareness of staying in one company all the time has diminished.


I think each person is different, but it seems certain that there is a way of life other than working in a corporate organization 😊.


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P.S. I worked in a place close to bankruptcy (?) when I was a company employee and a consultant.


Whether it's good or bad, the disappearance of the first employer of mine made me not particularly surprised when my business partner went bankrupt 😊.


The book "Ability to become leaders (Japanese only)" introduces "10 characteristics of a country that is destroyed", but I feel that the following phrases also apply to corporate organizations as well.


“There are 10 characteristics of ruining countries.


1. Entourage is focusing on self-protection

2. The law a universal

3. Only the exterior looks good

4. Trying to survive just by force

5. The Empress began to lead

6. Insist that there is no problem

7. The next vision is not clear

8. Staffing by likes and dislikes

9. Decided by dictatorship without awareness

10. No successor" (Unquote)