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PDCA日記 / Diary Vol. 1,215「カジノの予習資料」/ "Casino preparation materials"

English follows Japanese.

PDCA日記 Vol. 1,215「カジノの予習資料」】










今回紹介する「賭博堕天録 カイジ ワン・ポーカー編」は、伝説のギャンブル漫画であるカイジのポーカー編です。




ポーカーのルールは極めて単純ですが、海外のカジノにいく予定がある人は今回紹介する「賭博堕天録 カイジ ワン・ポーカー編」を読んで、予習をしておきましょう。












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賭博堕天録 カイジ  ワン・ポーカー編 1

賭博堕天録 カイジ ワン・ポーカー編 1



P.S. ラスベガスやマカオなど、カジノがある地域では、ホテルの宿泊料金が安くなっていることが殆どです。








< Mr. PDCAのボンジュール英語「予習」 = 「preparation




「カジノの予習資料」を英語で表現する場合、「Casino preparation materials」とすればよいですね😊。          


賭博堕天録 カイジ  ワン・ポーカー編 1

賭博堕天録 カイジ ワン・ポーカー編 1




PDCA (plan-do-check-action) Diary Vol. 1,215 "Casino preparation materials"


The Japanese media sometimes broadcast underground casinos.


The reason why there is an underground casino in Japan is simple, there is no legal casino (obviously😊).


Looking at the debates in the Japanese Diet, it may not be long before a legal casino can be opened in Japan as a highlight of tourism policy.


It's unclear if casinos will succeed in Japan, but they will certainly create some employment and acceptance.


The material introduced today "Gaming Fallen Record Kaiji (Japanese only)" is the poker edition of Kaiji, the legendary gambling comic.


As you can see if you went to an overseas casino, poker is the most popular game in a casino.


The rules of poker are extremely simple, but if you plan to go to an overseas casino, read this book and prepare for it.


When you think of a casino in Japan, it seems to have a strong image of a gambling place.


However, in Las Vegas, the mecca of casinos, casinos are just one type of entertainment.


In addition to casinos, Las Vegas has many attractions such as theater, fountain shows, and World Heritage replicas.


If the ban on casinos is lifted in Japan, foreign tourists are expected to visit tourist attractions other than casinos, and I think there are many economic advantages 😊.


Let's function PDCA today!   


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P.S. In areas with casinos, such as Las Vegas and Macau, hotel prices are often cheaper.


This is because the hotel has a casino, and it is possible to secure profits even if the room charge is suppressed by the profits of the casino.


Some people want to stay at a particular hotel, but it's too expensive to stay.


By lifting the ban on the casino, there is a high possibility that the usage fee of accommodation facilities will decrease, and I feel that it would be good if the utility (happiness) of various people could be increased.