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継続は創造だ! / Continuity is Creation!

PDCA日記 / Diary Vol. 1,716「動けないのは、なぜか?」/ "Why can't you move?"

English follows Japanese.

PDCA日記 Vol. 1,716「動けないのは、なぜか?」】





今回紹介する資料「やる気はあっても長続きしない人の「行動力」の育て方」は、「 自分を変える「7+1の習慣」」を解説しており、以下のフレーズが印象的でした。
















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P.S. 今回紹介した資料「やる気はあっても長続きしない人の「行動力」の育て方」の中で、ビジネスにも応用可能であると感じたのは、「習慣だからこそ、長く続き、影響力も大きくなります」部分です。












< Mr. PDCAのボンジュール英語「長続きする」=「last long」>


今回出てきた「長続きする」の英訳は幾つか候補がありますが、「last long」が一つの表現方法になります。


「職を転々としていた彼だが、ようやく長続きする仕事が見つかった」を英語にする場合、「Although he was frequently changing jobs, he finally found a long-lasting occupation」とすればよいですね😊。




 PDCA (plan-do-check-action) Diary Vol. 1,716 "Why can't you move?"】


As I have introduced in the past PDCA diary, I believe that there is not much individual difference in business ability, and I think the difference is whether people can move immediately or not.


“Move immediately” includes customs such as responding to requests swiftly and starting to work quickly. 


The material to be introduced today “How to nurture people's behavior (Japanese only)” explains “7 + 1 habits that change you" and the following phrases were impressive in the part of "Why can't you move?"


“People have something what they want to do.


There is also a feeling that it should not be this way.


Nonetheless, why can't you move?


I have seen many people, but the difference between a 'movable person' and a 'non-movable person' is the power of habits.


It may be small and unnoticeable when this difference was viewed from the outside.


However, because it is a habit, it lasts longer and has greater influence." (Unquote)


Let's function PDCA today!   


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P.S. In the material introduced today "How to nurture people's behavior" reiterated that "We can continue something for a long time by making a habit" and this phrase is applicable to our business


As you may have felt, it's a habit for those who are late or who don't meet the deadline.


For those who feel that habituation is not going well, joining an organization where the basics are well done may be one way to develop good habits.