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PDCA日記 / Diary Vol. 721「江戸時代のキーワードは天下泰平」/ "The keyword of the Edo period is peace and tranquility"

English follows Japanese.

PDCA日記 Vol. 721「江戸時代のキーワードは天下泰平


今回紹介する資料「語られた歴史 島津斉彬」は、「近代国家建設、偉人の輩出。頑迷な薩摩で、何故できたのか?」という命題にチャレンジしており、「江戸時代のキーワードは天下泰平」部分の以下のフレーズが印象的でした。










































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P.S. 今回紹介する資料「語られた歴史 島津斉彬」が述べている中で、「『能力とポストの不一致』が江戸時代の大きな特徴」という点が興味深かったですね。








< Mr. PDCAのボンジュール英語「キッカケ」 = 「peace and tranquility


今回出てきた「キッカケ」の英訳は、「peace and tranquility」になります。


「江戸時代のキーワードは天下泰平」を英語で表現する場合、「The keyword of the Edo period is peace and tranquility」とすればよいですね😊。



PDCA (plan-do-check-action) Diary Vol. 721 "The keyword of the Edo period is peace and tranquility"

The material introduced today "History told by Shimazu Nariakira (Japanese only)" challenges the proposition "Construction of a modern nation, trained great people. Why was it possible with the stubborn Satsuma?" and the following phrases were impressive.


"The Edo period is said to be a rare era of peace in the history of the world, where there was no war for more than 250 years.


The keyword that expresses that would be peace and tranquility.


In other words, I tried to maintain a peaceful state by maintaining the status quo, that is, by not changing the situation.


Therefore, measures for development such as economic growth and convenience improvement have been abandoned.


An easy-to-understand example is the Oi River in Shizuoka Prefecture.


The Oi river was not bridged and the use of ships was prohibited.


When it rained and the river flooded, it became a river stop and could not be crossed.


It is said that the river stop for a week or two was rough, which is annoying to travelers.


At that time, there was no technology to bridge a big river like the Oi River.


It wasn't without technology, it wasn't without money, it was deliberately inconvenient.


In Japan today, the concentration in Tokyo is increasing, and the regions are becoming depopulated, but in the Edo period, it was difficult to move people and goods, which prevented the concentration of population and industry, and each region. Was able to maintain the status quo.


The same is true for occupations.


In the Edo period, there was no such thing as freedom of choice of occupation.


The basic principle is hereditary succession, in which the son takes over the profession of the father.


Especially in the samurai class, family traits are very important, and which post to take is determined not by the person's ability but by family traits.


If you compare this to a modern company, the basic rule was that the eldest son of the manager could be the manager, and the eldest son of the manager would take over the section manager from generation to generation.


Regardless of the person's abilities and efforts, it was a social division society in which the future of the person was determined by the rank of the house to which the person was born.


This mismatch between ability and post was a major feature of the Edo period." (Unquote)


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