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PDCA日記 / Diary Vol. 1,229「毎年値上げする高級ブランドとVIPルーム」/ "Luxury brands raise prices every year and their VIP rooms"

English follows Japanese.

PDCA日記 Vol. 1,229「毎年値上げする高級ブランドとVIPルーム








過去のPDCAでも紹介しましたが、マーケティングの授業で面白かったのが「Luxury Marketing」というクラスです。












また、 高級ブランドは基本的にウェブ販売をしておらず、店舗販売にこだわっているところが多くなっています。




今回紹介する資料「売らずに売る技術 高級ブランドに学ぶ 安売りせずに売る秘密」は、「ブランドが売るのは『モノ』ではない 」をキャッチフレーズにしています。










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P.S. パリのシャンゼリゼ通りや青山に行くと、高級ブランドの大型店を目にします。








「Mr. PDCA(私のことよ😊)、君がビジネスで成功して実際に試してみたらどうだい?そのために、君は仕事を止めて、パリに来ているんだろう。」




 < Mr. PDCAのボンジュール英語「感性」 = 「sense」>




「センス」は日本語にもなっていますので、「感性 = sense」と覚えれば忘れないですね😊。




PDCA (plan-do-check-action) Diary Vol. 1,229 "Luxury brands raise prices every year and their VIP rooms"

When I was a Business School student, the most difficult class was marketing.


As I worked at a financial institution, I was able to get good scores of finance and accounting related classes, but I struggled for marketing, because of the need for sense and intuition.


My favorite marketing class was "Luxury Marketing" and its professor had been responsible for the international department of LVMH (parent company of Louis Vuitton).


Since he had enough practical experiences in the marketing filed, I could learn various things from him and his following comments were interesting.


"Luxury brands are basically raising prices every year. Do you know why? Luxury brands don't need customers who do not buy products due to the price increase."


According to Peter F. Drucker, "Ideally, marketing should result in a customer who is ready to buy."


French professor at my Business School proudly spoke that "Luxury brands succeeded to create customers who periodically purchase products without looking at price tags."


Also, luxury brands basically do not sell products online, and you need to go to the fancy stores in the prime location of the city if you want to buy luxury brands.


As a reason for this, the professor stated that, "Customers want others to see themselves where they are purchasing products at luxury brand stores." (I see!)


The material to be introduced today "Learn from luxury brands to sell without marketing (Japanese only)" explains secrets of luxury brands that can sell products without marketing.


A catchphrase of this book is "Luxury brands are not selling things" and the below phrases were impressive.


"The real significance of branding is to nurture fans in the future. Luxury brands are not selling T-shirts, so if there is no one who understands the real value, they cannot continue business."


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P.S. When you go to the avenue de Champs Elysées in Paris or Aoyama area in Tokyo, you can see the flagship stores of luxury brands.


According to the professor, "There is a special room in these huge luxury brand stores and only VIP guests can enter this secret place."


He continued that "When you continue to purchase a certain amount of products of luxury brands for a while. One day, the store manager comes to you and he/she says 'Please follow me' and you can go to the VIP room."


I asked him that "How long will it take and how much should I keep purchasing luxury brand products to achieve that room?"


The professor smiled and answered as follows.


"Mr. PDCA (me😊), how about you try to be a VIP client by yourself by succeeding in business? That's why you came to Paris by stopping your work, isn't it?"


More than 10 years have passed since I graduated from Business School, but I have never been to luxury brand stores (Because, I love my job!).