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継続は創造だ! / Continuity is Creation!

PDCA日記 / Diary Vol. 1,328「目の前のことに注意を払っていない」/ "We're not paying attention to what's in front of us"

English follows Japanese.

PDCA日記 Vol. 1,328「目の前のことに注意を払っていない」

















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脳がクリアになるマインドフルネス仕事術 (Business Life)

脳がクリアになるマインドフルネス仕事術 (Business Life)



P.S. 職場の人間関係に行き詰ると、目の前の仕事に集中できなくなります。










私自身、逃げて良かったと心から思っています :-)。


< Mr. PDCAのボンジュール英語「注意を払う」 = 「pay attention


今回出てきた「注意を払う」の英訳は、「pay attention」になります。


「目の前のことに注意を払っていない」を英語で表現する場合、「We're not paying attention to what's in front of us」とすればよいですね :-)。  


脳がクリアになるマインドフルネス仕事術 (Business Life)

脳がクリアになるマインドフルネス仕事術 (Business Life)




PDCA (plan-do-check-action) Diary Vol. 1,328 "We're not paying attention to what's in front of us"


The material introduced today "Mindfulness work technique that clears the brain (Japanese only)" explains "How to deal well with stress and pressure", and the phrases below were impressive.


"Surprisingly, according to a 2010 study by Dr. Killingsworth at Harvard University, 'Humans spend about 50% of their time without being aware of what's in front of them.'


Such a state of 'Your mind is somewhere else' is called mind wandering.


By developing the ability to concentrate on what is right in front of you, you will not be wasted energy on unnecessary thoughts, you will be away from negative thoughts and you will be able to properly enjoy the happiness in front of you." (Unquote)


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