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PDCA日記 / Diary Vol. 1,496「過大評価は思考の硬直」/ "Overestimation is stiffness of thought"

English follows Japanese.

PDCA日記 Vol. 1,496「過大評価は思考の硬直」】

















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心を動かす話し方 (SB新書)

心を動かす話し方 (SB新書)



P.S. 野村氏の言う「自己を過大評価した瞬間から、思考の硬直が始まる」のはビジネスにおいても然りで、分かっていないことを「分かっています」、できないことを「できます」ということが、自己の過大評価であると思います。






< Mr. PDCAのボンジュール英語「過大評価」=「overestimation」>




「自己を過大評価した瞬間から、思考の硬直が始まる」を英語にする場合、「Stiffness of thought begins at the moment you overestimate yourself」とすればよいですね :-)。


心を動かす話し方 (SB新書)

心を動かす話し方 (SB新書)

PDCA (plan-do-check-action) Diary Vol. 1,496 "Overestimation is stiffness of thought"】


I think that I am a self-employed consultant who is constantly mentioning “I don't know” and “I can't do it”.


The moment you say “I know” what you don’t understand and “I can do it” what you can't do, you need to twist something


It would be fine if you could recover with the work of the tip of the hand, but in my previous job, the person who continued to say “I know” and “I can do it” was disposed of for compliance violation.


The material to be introduced today “How to speak with heart (Japanese only)” has a catchphrase “Don't persuade, get convinced” and the collection of quotes from Katsuya Nomura, a baseball critic, was impressive.


”・Even if you failed, it is only necessary that the root cause is clear.

・ From the moment you overestimate yourself, your thinking begins to stiffen.

・ In case you are disliked from others, you need to be trusted.” (Unquote)


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