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PDCA日記 / Diary Vol. 1,491「半分覚えた頃に再度復習」/ "Review again when you remember half"

English follows Japanese.

PDCA日記 Vol. 1,491「半分覚えた頃に再度復習」】

























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図解 本当に頭がよくなる1分間記憶法

図解 本当に頭がよくなる1分間記憶法



P.S. 偶然かどうか定かではありませんが、PDCA日記を1記事作成する時間はだいたい20分です。






ただ、本のタイトルを聞いて話をする中で内容を思い出していますので、PDCA日記を続けていられるのは、「復習のベストなタイミング」と「投稿にかかる時間」が20分と一致していることが背景にあるのかもしれませんね :-)。


< Mr. PDCAのボンジュール英語「忘却曲線」=「forgetting curve」>


今回出てきた「忘却曲線」の英訳は、「forgetting curve」になります。


エビングハウス忘却曲線は、20分に1回のタイミングで復習することを勧めている」を英語にする場合、「Ebbinghaus's forgetting curve is recommended to be reviewed once every 20 minutes」とすればよいですね :-)。


図解 本当に頭がよくなる1分間記憶法

図解 本当に頭がよくなる1分間記憶法

  • 作者:石井 貴士
  • 発売日: 2018/02/18
  • メディア: 単行本



PDCA (plan-do-check-action) Diary Vol. 1,491 "Review again when you remember half"】


Some people asked me at PDCA Cafe that "Why can you keep posting PDCA diary every day?"


The answer is simple, “Because, I have established a mechanism to continue”.


The PDCA diary has an advantage of "not forgetting the content of book".


The material to be introduced today “One-minute Mnemonic that makes you really smart (Japanese only)” has a catchphrase that “The basics of memorization are stuck in this book” and the following phrases were impressive in the part "Review again when you remember half".


“Ebbinghaus's forgetting curve is also used for the timing of TV commercials.


Rather than running a commercial twice in a row, there are main parts of TV program about 20 minutes between CMs and that process will continue, right?


It's easier to appeal in your mind when a commercial comes in when you forget about half of it in 20 minutes.


When you study and try to memorize something, you had better be aware of the timing of once every 20 minutes.


If you don't have time to review, you can do it an hour later.


When you remember about half, review it again.


This is most effective in memory." (Unquote)


Let's function PDCA today!   


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